1:1 THC:CBD Manuka Honey Chai Tea


50mg CBD and 50mg THC total
10mg CBD and 10mg THC per bag
Flavour: Manuka Honey Chai
Other: 99% CBD Isolate and THC Distillate
Steeping Time: 5+ minutes

5 x tea bags per pack

Smokey’s Manuka Honey Chai Tea is the queen bee of all honey teas. Enjoy a sweet and warming chai with gooey honey, light ginger and notes of cinnamon. Manuka honey helps soothe sore throats and fights colds, so you can feel your best when you’re not feeling so well. With this caffeine-free crusader on your side, there’s no villainous stuffy nose or scratchy throat your body can’t kick to the curb.

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