Smokey’s Bath Bombs – Healing Arnica

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Each Bath Bomb Contains 75mg of THC and 75mg of CBD

Need to unwind after a long day? Sore from your workout? Or simply just want to treat yourself?
Smokey’s Bath Bombs are here! Made using natural essential oils, these bath bombs are proven to provide long-lasting enjoyment with aromatic sensations while your body absorbs the benefits of THC and CBD to help soothe aches and pains.

Smokey’s 1:1 THC:CBD Bath Bombs – Healing Arnica
Ready to relax? This bath bomb is one of the best ways to get all over pain relief. Hot water and our healing arnica bath bomb is a great therapeutic ritual or whenever you need an extra bit of TLC. This soothing recipe is a blend of arnica, peppermint, lavender and clove and is perfect if you want a healing soak that will go deep into your muscles, hips, and joints to treat your pain and aids bruising, bleeding, swelling, and other conditions.

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