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What is cannabis flower?

Cannabis flower is the most popular form of cannabis due to its versatility. Marijuana flower is smoked, usually in a pipe or bong, or it can be included in a joint or blunt. Cannabis flowers are the most popular form of cannabis. You can smoke it in a pipe or bong and roll it into a joint or blunt.

Common forms of cannabis flower

Flower is the most popular form of cannabis due to its versatility. Flower is smoked, usually in a pipe or bong, or it can be included in a joint or blunt. Flower is the most popular form of cannabis. You can smoke it in a pipe or bong and roll it into a joint or blunt. Marijuana flower that is purchased at a dispensary is known as loose Flower, which refers to the fact that the marijuana flowers are loose from the cannabis plant itself. Loose weed flowers can be bought on their own without being connected to buds or leaves.

Pre Rolls

There are other ways to consume marijuana aside from the combusted flower mentioned earlier. These include cannabis prerolls, blunts, and joints. Prerolls are cylindrical, fluid-filled canisters that have been filled with ground cannabis and rolled into a cone. Blunts are prerolls that have been slightly altered with a wrap of tobacco leaves to simulate a cigar type of experience. Joints are cannabis cigarettes rolled entirely by hand or machine.

Common Slang

There's a litany of slang terms out there for cannabis, including nugs, bud, and herb. Among the most common are nug and bud, short for nuggets and buds respectively. These terms can be used interchangeably to refer to chunks of cannabis flower or full plants. Another term you may hear used is herb. This term is interchangeable with both cannabis plants and joints.

Flower Quality

Private Reserve

Private reserve is a title that comes with a great deal of prestige. It refers to the best of the best. Similar to how homemade food is often hugely superior to grocery store fare, private reserve cannabis flower also has immense gravitas.


In the world of cannabis, top-shelf refers to premium products. Growers prioritize quality over quantity to produce high-quality cannabis. And because of this, you pay a higher price for it. When you smoke top-shelf marijuana, you don't just feel the effects; let's say you'll be in a state of chronic amazement with every loud toke.


The term bottom-shelf describes particularly low-quality cannabis flower. Modern-day dispensaries organize their cannabis by quality, saving this term for their cheapest, lowest-quality stuff. Most dispensaries call this bottom-shelf cannabis dumpster or dank. It's old and some of it even comes with seeds and stems. When combusted in joints this weed tastes as harsh as ditch weed.

Smoking Methods

Joints and Blunts

Joints, blunts, and bongs are popular methods of smoking cannabis. Joints and blunts are convenient and creative ways to smoke. If you're looking for something specific, like a grinder or blunt wrap, you can find it online or at a local dispensary. Smoking is such a fun way to socialize with friends — no matter where on the globe you are.

Pipes and Bongs

Just like joints and blunts provide a more open communication, pipes and bongs offer cannabis users a more communicative form of an otherwise discreet consumption method. These are the perfect devices to carry around in a travel case or keep at home. The simplicity of these pieces make them easy to use — whether you need to take a hit right away when you’re on the go or want to sit back and relax. Bongs are the ultimate way of smoking. Similar to a pipe, users only need to grind their cannabis, pack the bowl, fill the bong with water or ice, and rip. Bongs come in as many shapes as there are colors under the sun, and they're made of glass, plastic, ceramics, bamboo, metal, and silicone. They're another easily recognizable smoking alternative. It’s also worth knowing that marijuana users like to flex their engineering creativity. So, they can often build bongs with common household supplies, too.


Vaporizing is one of the most popular options for consuming cannabis. Just like joint or blunt materials and pipes or bongs, you can buy vaporizers online or at any local dispensary. Vaporizers are different than the other more traditional smoking methods because they don't involve combustion. Rather, vaporizers use a whole-plant extraction process called 'vaporization' to activate cannabinoids. Vaporizers come in two forms for cannabis use: conduction and convection. Conduction vaporizers heat the product directly, which can burn it. Convection vaporizers heat air and then blow it through the product, preventing burning and preserving the products’ true flavors.

How to properly store Cannabis Flower

Cannabis flower exposed to oxygen, heat, moisture and UV light will age faster. In order to slow down the aging process and maintain that perfect plant quality that growers have worked so hard to achieve, store your flower in tightly sealed containers. If mason jars aren’t doing the trick, then high tech options are available such as hermetically sealed containers.

Signs of Flower degradation

Color: If you want to know how fresh cannabis flower is, look at its colors. Once exuberant, vibrant flowers will start to turn yellow and fall apart as they age. Left largely undisturbed, however, their resin glands will remain intact. Smell: Cannabis exposed to oxygen will eliminate the unpleasant odor that has built up in the jar over time. Fresh oxygen will help flush out the stale, fermented smell in the container. After getting rid of that, consumers will recognize the underlying smells of hay and parchment paper. Taste: The taste of old cannabis is different from fresh Flower. Some consumers favor dried out and desiccated buds in the interest of efficiency, while others find that they take on an intense harshness. In either case, the taste of aged cannabis grows increasingly earthy.

Anatomy of a Flower


Trichomes are tiny, crystallike growths that grow on cannabis buds. In a diverse array of other plants, these structures play a key role in protecting the plant from frost or trapping insects. The trichomes on cannabis form a protective layer that shields the plant from wind and rain. In a cannabis plant, the majority of resin is nestled in its trichomes. Scientists once thought the resin was produced by the green plant tissue and transported outward. However, with increased research, researchers found that the trichomes actually make the terpenes and cannabinoids themselves.


A bract is the protective part of a cannabis flower that shields the female plant’s reproductive parts. In a cannabis flower, bracts surround the inflorescence, which is a collection of flowers arranged along a stem. Bracts look like normal petals but are not quite the same. The bracts on cannabis flowers are leaves that protect the flower. Unlike other flowers, cannabis bracts are also part of the flower.


Cannabis calyxes are often confused with bracts. Bracts are the tiny leaves surrounding the stem where the flower blooms. Sepals, which are inside of calyxes, protect the flower and bloom at its base.In cannabis, the calyx is the most valuable part because it holds the flower’s pistils and trichomes. Calyxes are by far the most resinous portion of the cannabis plant.

Leaflets (Sugar Leaves)

Leaflets, or sugar leaves, are little leaflets of a compound leaf that look like full leaves. Compound leaves are, in essence, a series of leaflets, and often they come in three or five leaflets per leaf. One symbol for cannabis is its compound leaf. It closely resembles the hand of a person splayed against a tabletop, each finger represents a leaflet, and the entire representation is just one leaf. Sugar leaves are different in morphology from each other, but the structure across cannabis plants remains the same. Cannabis is harvested in bundles that come with five leaflets each. Before the final product arrives at your doorstep, the side leaves are cut and/or trimmed.

Stigma (Pistil)

The pistil of cannabis is the plant’s female parts that trap pollen to ensure fertilization. The female parts of a cannabis plant are also known as stigmas, styles, and ovaries. These female parts of the plant are filled with resin and must be careful when cut because they contain all of the power to grow and create a cannabis plant. Stigma are small hairs that appear on the part of a female cannabis plant called the pistil. In an indoor grow operation, these hairs serve no real function, but in the wild, they collect pollen and allow the plant to grow seeds.

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Where to buy marijuana flower in Canada?

Looking to buy marijuana flower in Canada? Smokey's Cannabis Lounge is an online marijuana dispensary with a wide selection of indicas, sativas and hybrids, offering delivery across the country. As Canada's fastest growing online dispensary, we are committed to providing the best service possible!

What is weed flower?

Trying to learn about weed flower? Flower or bud, as we know it, refers to the dried cannabis plant. It has gone through the cultivation, harvesting, drying and curing process, which has been a popular way to consume it. You can smoke it by using a pipe or bong. Or go old-school with your own rolling paper and a blunt or a joint.

How to smoke weed flower

How do you consume your weed flower? While most cannabis users know how to roll a joint to smoke, there are various ways to enjoy flower. People tend to choose the way they prefer based on the situation, the environment, or their preference.

How to smoke a joint

There are many ways to consume your favorite cannabis bud. But for most, joints are the preferred choice. After all, they're easy to use and cheap! Tools needed to roll include rolling papers and flower. If you have a grinder, you can use it to prepare the bud for rolling. Paper is readily available. Learn how to smoke a joint with ease. In the world of rolling papers for marijuana, there are different sizes and types. Some are made from natural materials like hemp or wood pulp. In fact, there are even special packages that provide joint rollers with extra paper to make crutches (those little bridges that can be added across the fold to keep the joint from falling apart mid-smoke). With so many different kinds of rolling papers, there's something for every stoner.

What is a cannabis bud?

In the cannabis industry, budtender is an industry term for someone who assists customers with their purchase. A budtender helps a customer navigate the many varieties of marijuana flowers, edibles, and extracts available to buy cannabis buds at an online dispensary. One of the easiest ways to tell how good marijuana bud is is by checking its smell and appearance. Buds can be dry and brittle or sticky and dense. Some buds are brown and leathery, while others are frosted with white trichomes. High-quality cannabis bud will emit fragrance that is either earthy, spicy, or like citrus or pine trees. The cannabinoid profile of buds is typically indicative of quality — buds with higher concentrations of THC tend to be more potent than those with lower concentrations.